"We can fit your horse or mule"

How to Order

To start the ordering process, call us at 888-739-0108, or 530-357-2209, or send us an email info@jjmaxwell.com to request the fitting forms. A $300.00 deposit plus shipping costs are required. Please refer to the website under the video section on how to use the fitting forms. Once the fitting process is completed and we know what fit you need, the $300.00 becomes part of the deposit toward the saddle ordered. We normally want at least a third down to secure the order. The sooner we know what fit you need and you have contacted us to confirm that you are ordering, then your name will be added to our build list. Otherwise, if not ordering, please return the forms as soon as possible. Once we have received the forms, we will issue a refund, minus shipping, card fees, and a $100.00 user fee for using the forms.

Download Order Forms:

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